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Welcome to the internet home of the 193rd Rifle Division, Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army (RKKA).  We are a group of military historians and re-enactors interested in recreating the experiences of the men and women who defeated the Hitlerite invaders.  We portray the regular Soviet rifleman, the one who bravely defended the Motherland during the Great Patriotic War, 1941-45.  These are the brave men and women who helped drive the Nazis all the way back to the seat of their evil, Berlin.

The men and women of the 193rd fought with considerable bravery and tenacity during the Great Patriotic War.  They participated in many battles, from Stalingrad to the battle for Berlin.  If you are interested in the history of the “Eastern Front” or would simply like to get involved in re-enacting, this is the unit for you!  Re-enacting Red Army tends to be a less expensive alternative to Allied and German impressions, and unlike other units, women are welcome as front line troops.  Women in the Red Army fought alongside their male comrades in many roles to free the Sacred Soil of Holy Mother Russia from her fascist invaders.  “The image of a woman fighting either with rifle in hands or in a cockpit; the image of a medic, or nurse, or of a doctor wearing shoulder-straps, will live in our memory as an example of selflessness and patriotism” (L.I.Brezhnev)
Our group participates in tactical battle re-enactments and living history presentations.  Some members participate in only one but many of us are involved in both aspects of the hobby.  Dues-paid members have access to our two Yahoo-based E-groups and may opt for our snail -mail newsletter.  The unit is run by a democratically elected Board of Supervisors and Soviet of Soldiers who assist the Board.  We also have several Troikas concerned with such things as safety and authenticity.  Elections to these groups are described in the by-laws which can be made available to any member.

The 193rd is located on the East Coast of the US, headquartered in PA,  with members from many states, from Maine to South Carolina.  If you live on the East Coast or nearby states and want to reenact Red Army, please consider our unit. If you desire info on joining, email us or send a letter to the address to the left.


Disclaimer:  While we re-enact the glorious Red Army we in no way subscribe, endorse, follow or promote the ideological and philosophical tenets of Stalin.  We seek only to honor the men and women of the Red Army and to understand, to a degree, what they experienced during the Great Patriotic War.

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